Ibrahim Al-AssilIbrahim Al-Assil (President)

Ibrahim al-Assil is a founding member of the Syrian Nonviolence Movement and has been its elected president since November 2012. He is a Syrian political analyst and civil society activist. al-Assil is a fellow at the Orient Research Centre and a program officer for Track II Dialogues Initiative at the Middle East Institute in Washington DC. In 2013-2014, he frequently visited northern Syria, where he lead initiatives for the nonviolence movement and trained Syrian activists in strategic planning and project management as well as conducting studies on the current status and potential role civil society plays in northern Syria. He was chosen in 2013 as a young leader from the MENA region by the Swedish Institute. al-Assil has also spoken about Syrian politics and civil society on various panels at the United Nations, Harvard University, and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He has been an active blogger since 2008 and holds MBA from University of Essex, England. Twitter: @iassil

IMG_2172Buschra Jalabi (Vice-President)

Buschra is a human rights lawyer and a member of the Quebec Bar in Canada since 2006. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in law from Université de Montréal (LL.B.) and a Master’s degree from McGill University (LL.M.). She works at the Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission since 2009 as legal counsel/investigator focusing on issues of equality, discrimination and minority rights. In addition to her experience from June 2011 to 2014 as executive member of the Commission’s employees Union, she has been involved in several community based initiatives in different capacities. 

Being a human rights activist and a member of the Syrian Nonviolent Movement (SNVM) since its genesis, she has participated in different initiatives relating to the human rights situation in Syria : conducted legal trainings with Syrian lawyers in Turkey on matters related to international human rights violations, coordinated conferences and panels aimed at raising awareness, organized fundraising activities, made presentations in academic settings, etc.

Abdullah Chahin (Tresurer) 87fcf65ffa8b0941d9f3928067f30ce0   Abdullah Chahin is a Fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He holds Bachelor of Medicine from University of Science and Technology, Jordan. Abdullah has been a board member since 2015.     


Alaa ZazaAlaa Zaza

Alaa is 32 years old, he studied neurosciences / child psychology and has a Master degree in special education (behavioral and emotional disorders). He works as psychologist and a director of the psychological counselling department in “learning” group – Doha, Qatar. Alaa is one of the founding members of the Syrian Non-violence movement and Freedom Days group, he has worked as an Executive Director and Chairman of the Board. He has worked with the rest of the team on the establishment of the Organization child protection program, which has become a network of guards and now serves as a field projects director. 

Alaa had his fair share coaching and working on child protection with several international organizations, including UNICEF and the Children of War, as well as a coach on the minimum standards of education in the state of emergency. He has 11 years of experience in the field of education and science of educational and behavioral psychology, child protection and social services. Alaa has 4 years of experience in senior management of institutions, profit and non-profit organizations. Alaa believes in non-violence as a mean of social change and to achieve a moral and social growth of the individual and aspires a world without a veto and homeland which accommodates all Syrians ruled with justice and human rights values.



Maimona al-Ammar Maimona is a 28 years old with a degree in Computer Engineering & Automation from Damascus University. From the southern province of Dara originally, she lived in Darayya, a suburb of Damascus. She was arrested briefly at the family rally for prisoners of conscience held in the capital of Syria on March 16, 2011, while four months pregnant with her first child. Maimouna has been a founding member of SNVM since April 2011. She has livedin Douma (Damascus Suburbs) for almost two years. She worked as SNVM office Manager in Douma office during 2013. Currently, she’s a director of Hurras Network office (syrian child protection network, one of SNVM projects) since October 2013 till now. She trained tens of people on child protection principles.