hussHussam Thani: Executive Manager

Born in Damascus, Syria 1985. He holds a degree in Business Management, with strong experience working with multinational organizations. Also social activist in the field of relief, social rights and non-violence activities.

In the past four years, he did voluntary work with lots of social initiatives inside Syria and still.


Omar Al-Assil: Civil Society Mapping Project Manager

Omar was born in Damascus and currently lives in the UK. He holds a BSc degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Kalamoon in Syria and MSc in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick, UK. He joined SNVM in 2011 and worked on different projects and capacities. He had different positions within SNVM from being an executive board member to  being the head of Development and Support Unit. In 2013-2014 he was the Awareness Program Manager at SNVM.

Omar is a blogger on his personal blog on the internet and has 7 years of experience as a Solutions Architect. He was the person behind the Civil Society Mapping initiative at SNVM. The map was one of the most successful projects and had significant media coverages.

mohammad alammarDr.Mohammad Alammar (Daraa Suburbs, Jasem Office Manager) Dr. Mohammed, Born in Daraa Syria. He holds a degree in Medicine . He practiced medicine in his private clinic so far, he served before the revolution in several official and popular management positions, and was named as the national coach in the development of family medicine which supports the EU program. He played a vital role in the union, and his bold and strong participation was a source of concern for the security services in Daraa province, so he was always asked and interrogated. He is known for his preoccupation with public life since his early days, his activity within the Damascus Declaration, as well as being the a representative of the Islamic Democratic Party, which impacted in banning him from travelling. After the revolution he was a founding member of the national coordinating body, and was involved in the intellectuals gathering in SamiraMees. He was repeatedly arrested after the revolution. Dr.Mohammad is interested in the work of non-violence and peaceful movements after he met the Islamic thinker Jawdat Said in early eighties, and carried on after until the crisis in the beginning of 2011, when roads were blocked by army to the city of Daraa and the villages nearby. He participated in many forums and conferences for peaceful movement, and has always been involved in the Deir Mar Musa forum for interfaith dialogue with Father Paulo. Dr.Mohammad presented and delivered many lectures on non-violence and the democratic changte before and after the revolution, he currently runs the Syrian Nonviolence Movement center in the west of the countryside of Daraa since its establishment in late 2013.
  • Riyad Al Najem (Hourass Network Office Manager)
Riyad is 25 years old, he holds a degree in business administration and specialised in human resources management. For the last four years Riyad worked with more than ten national and international organisations as a management consultant. 
  • Osama Nassar (Damascus Suburbs, Douma Office Manager
Osama was born in 1978 in Damascus- Syria and holds a BA in English Literature from Damascus University- Damascus. He is the manager of SNVM office in Rural Damascus (Reef Demashq) and founding member of SNVM. Editing Chief assistance for “Raising Freedom” Magazine. Coordinator of the Local Development and Small Projects Support Office (LDSPS) in Al Ghuta.  Member in Local coordination Committees in Syria. Member in Dareya Group from 1998- 2003 for social and peaceful activism.