Hourrass (Guards) network is a group that seeks to provide psycho-social support and protection for children. The network started its activities in January, 2012 in the town of Darya near the Syrian capital, Damascus. The network is committed to providing psycho-social support for children, and is keen to raise awareness about children rights and protecting their interests in the community. The network is aiming also to create a safe environment where children are allowed to acquire knowledge and develop the skills they need, and encourage them to achieve their full potential and enhance their abilities to contribute to the development of their society.


Hourrass (Guards) seeks to build a society where children enjoy safe and happy childhood, in addition to all the rights and freedoms granted for them in the Convention on the Rights of the Child treaty. We firmly believe that this is for the good of the community as a whole.


Hourrass (Guards) is collaborating with several partners, volunteers and members from Syria to create a society that guarantees children their rights. Our network aims also to bring about a real, direct, and sustainable change in the community to ensure that children would receive the psychological, social and educational support they deserve.

Strategic path

Through its quest to achieve its vision and mission, Hourrass (guards) is working to promote social values in children, to develop their skills through community rehabilitation, to train the children to understand their fundamental rights, and to provide safe and secure environment for them. The network is keen to include moral education in its curricula, and to provide professional care for children with special educational and psychological needs in preparation for reintegrating them into society. Hourrass (guards) is working to reduce the negative effects of the current conflict on children, and to contribute to the rehabilitation of the community. Further, the network aims and to instill the values of peace, brotherhood, understanding and tolerance among its members. Our long-term goal is to become the leading non-governmental organization in the field of child care and protection in Syria.

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