Shakhabeet ( شخابيط ثورية)

The first series of Shakhabeet were received positively by the Syrian public. The 17 episodes offered a variety of ideas and analysis about the events of the Syrian revolution, presenting insights of change and raising awareness towards the value and effectiveness of non-violence. Building on the same spirit, the new episodes are created in high TV-quality with the aim of reaching a wider audience.

They have a wider focus on humanity, democracy, social values, and civil peace, and are extending beyond the current events to remind us of the human responsibility in times of peace and war. 

Shkhabeet is a series of a short animated films produced by the Syrian Nonviolence Movement (SNVM). The series is created by a team of Syrian artists, scriptwriters, and directors from the BirAjam Production House. 

  • The length of each film is 2 (two) minutes approximately.  The scenarios are shared and mutually approved between the SNVM and BirAjam Production house. 
  • The films are produced in a standard TV quality 

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